Month: January 2016

Why the decline of Television as a media should mean investing in television for mass market brands in emerging markets.

Much has been said about how fragmentation of media requires brands to broaden their media mix and to switch investment out of traditional media and into digital channels. This obviously makes sense and brands have had to re invent their marketing thinking and the way they operate. However, there are some emerging markets where TV …
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It makes sense to use free media before paying for any more

It is always astonishing that so many brand owners don’t utilise the zero cost, highly visible outdoor media available to them before paying for more conventional sites. Advertising on the side of the trucks and vehicles used in a brand’s distribution channel is seen by hundreds of thousands of people. Such media also lends itself …
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The importance of giving local marketeers global experience

How much responsibility for marketing global brands lies in the centre above country or in the local market is an age old discussion.There is no agreed ‘correct’ solution and in truth the optimum structure varies by company and is dependant upon a range of factors such as the nature of the market and the culture …
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