About Vibrance Marketing

Andy Johnson set up Vibrance Marketing early in 2016. He has a proven track record of building effective marketing models for global brands.

He recently built the GSK Gum Care model for the parodontax and Corsodyl brands which transformed a disparate set of brands to a global priority brand concept. This follows his breakthrough work in 2002 when he built the Sensodyne toothpaste global brand model which went on to transform the GSK oral care business.

In 2012 he built the successful biotene marketing model for the US, Canadian and Australian markets.

He was the client who introduced a number of standout advertising campaigns including the Schmackos animation campaign for Mars in Australia as well as the Stickman campaign for Lucozade in China & Hong Kong.

Andy has managed international brands for a range of fmcg businesses based in both the UK and Australia. He was a final round judge in the 2015 EuroEffie awards.