The importance of giving local marketeers global experience

How much responsibility for marketing global brands lies in the centre above country or in the local market is an age old discussion.There is no agreed ‘correct’ solution and in truth the optimum structure varies by company and is dependant upon a range of factors such as the nature of the market and the culture of the company.

However one thing always seems to be true….and that is getting local marketeers into the global team for an experience period of 6 to 12 months is a triple win. The global team benefits from the input especially the local market insight that the local marketeer provides. Importantly this insight is both into the local consumer and the local marketing team. The local market managers themselves benefit from the experience of working with other markets and a more macro global perspective. The local market benefits from getting back a more experienced manager with insights and relationships on the global team.

Companies and teams that do this tend to be healthier and more effective.

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