Why the decline of Television as a media should mean investing in television for mass market brands in emerging markets.

Much has been said about how fragmentation of media requires brands to broaden their media mix and to switch investment out of traditional media and into digital channels. This obviously makes sense and brands have had to re invent their marketing thinking and the way they operate.

However, there are some emerging markets where TV still retains the power that it traditionally had in Europe and North America. As the environment changes rapidly it would seem that there are only a few years left where TV as a media will have such potency in these emerging markets. There is no reason to suspect that these markets will not follow the global trend seen in Europe, China, and the US, etc.

Most marketeers will agree that for high penetration brands it is a lot easier to establish and build brands in this TV friendly environment. With only a few years of ‘big TV’ left, why would brand owners not take advantage of this shrinking window and do all they can on TV before the opportunity fades? It is clearly harder to build mass market brands without mass market media. Once the media environment has changed for ever the opportunity may well be gone.

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