Work from Vibrance

Vibrance Marketing was set up by Andy Johnson. His track record is based on building brand models for global brands that have been proven to be highly effective and profitable. 

This means not just creating the strategic framework of the brand model but also the work that brings it to life across the marketing mix.



Building proven marketing models

Andy Johnson created Vibrance Marketing in January 2016. He has a proven track record of building effective marketing models for global brands.

For GSK he built the Sensodyne, biotene and parodontax/Corsodyl models and wrote many of the TV commercials.

Andy was also the Mars petfood client behind the Schmackos animation campaign in Australia and the client behind the Lucozade Stickman advertising in China.


Andy Johnson created the highly successful biotene campaign for the US and the worldwide parodontax and Corsodyl campaign. Here is a selection of TV commercials that he wrote.